Dr. Tae Yun Kim Talks About Making it in America

Dr. Tae Yun Kim on Making it in America

Almost everyone has heard the story of the American Dream. We’re often told that if we think positively and work hard enough, we can make it in this country. This sense of endless opportunities, available to everyone, often drives people to immigrate to this country when they’re looking for a better life. Some people say, however, that the American Dream is a myth and that it’s no longer possible to achieve wild success in this country. Dr. Tae Yun Kim thinks this is just not true, and she’s living proof that you can make it in America, with hard work and effort.

Statue of Liberty

Dr. Tae Yun Kim moved to the United States in the 1960s. She only had a few hundred dollars, she couldn’t speak the language and she had no real job skills to build on. She was worried that no one would hire her. She faced racism. She started to feel incredibly low and depressed. But then Dr. Tae Yun Kim realized that she was letting other people define her. She was allowing their negative energy to color her experiences, and she simply couldn’t allow that to go on. She resolved to take a positive outlook and work even harder to channel her inner power so she could get the recognition she was looking for.

She founded a computer company. She opened a martial arts school. She looked for ways to innovate. She looked for talented people to work with. Dr. Tae Yun Kim networked, and she impressed everyone she met with her skill, grace and positive mental attitude. She simply wouldn’t quit.

This hard work and determination paid off for Dr. Tae Yun Kim. She’s become a world-famous master of martial arts. She’s in high demand as a public speaker. She writes well written books that are distributed all around the world. She has made it happen. She is living the American Dream.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim credits her success to this country, of course, but she also knows that nothing would be possible without her own energy and determination. Since she believed in herself, nothing was impossible. This is an important message. People simply must work for what they believe in. The American Dream isn’t just handed out. It must be sought, conquered and won.


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