Tae Yun Kim: Charitable in Every Way

Those who know Tae Yun Kim are happy to describe her in various ways. Loving, cheerful, smart, inspiring, and other adjectives quickly come out of their mouths. However, there is always one adjective that is spoken most frequently: charitable.

Every person who knows Tae Yun Kim consistently describes her as charitable. The fact that Tae Yun Kim contributes to over two dozen charities isn’t the only reason she’s described with this adjective. Kim has a heart that is naturally giving. Whether she’s working with the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life,” or whether she’s giving lessons at Jung SuWon, Tae Yun Kim consistently pours herself charitably into others.

Tae Yun Kim believes that a charitable life is a happier life. She will often tell her students that when they give, the blessings will come back tenfold. Also, there’s just no better feeling in the world, thinks Tae Yun Kim, than giving freely to those who are in need.

Tae Yun Kim is known as an active donor by several charities including: Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Save the Children, Make a Wish Foundation, the Battered Women’s Shelter, the Special Olympics, the Professional Women in Business Association, and many more.

Her efforts reach across nationalities, genders, race, politics, and interests. When it comes to her charity work and helping those in need, Tae Yun Kim doesn’t see the traditional barriers that inhibit most people from acting. When Tae Yun Kim sees a need, she simply launches right in. She doesn’t deliberate or spend too much time thinking “in theory.” Kim acts! And, by her constant push to action, she’s been able to help make the world a far better place. Tae Yun Kim wants to encourage others to approach charity in the same way.


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