Dr. Tae Yung Kim Inspires through Motivational Speaking

Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim, a local California marital arts teacher, also has a successful career as a motivational speaker. She is a well-known entrepreneur who has turned her passion for motivation and inspiration into a career as a speaker, lecturer, and author.  She has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and in the technology sector, where she heads several initiatives to develop green and sustainable technologies.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim has been the keynote speaker for several major conventions, such as the 21st Century Women’s CEO Association, the Executive Management Meeting for Samsung Corning, and United Nations World Environment Day. She receives requests to speak at events all over the world. Dr. Tae Yun Kim has also given several lectures in professional and academic schools. For example, she recently spoke to the Korea Military Academy and the Korea Human Development Institute at a management seminar. Dr. Kim speaks to students on a number of topics, but she is best known for her lectures on motivation, business, and technology. In her business lectures, Dr. Kim shares the secrets to her professional success and encourages students toward a path that is most meaningful to them. She reminds them of the importance of business ethics and of developing businesses that benefit communities, environments, and people.

Even if you live outside the California area, or haven’t been able to travel to one of her lectures around the world, you might have seen Dr. Tae Yun Kim on television or heard her on the radio.  She has appeared on TV specials like the Can Do show, and has been featured on programs like The Good Morning Show and in documentaries like “The Return of the Hope of Korea.” She has given interviews and delivered motivational speeches on the radio as well.

People who have heard Dr. Tae Yun Kim speak report that they feel motivated and inspired to meet their goals. Her motto, “He can do it, she can do it, why not me?” has inspired many people to make changes in their lives and to achieve a variety of things in their professional and personal lives.


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