Tae Yun Kim Helps Children Improve Their Lives

It is often said in a variety of ways that wise men plant trees whose shade they will never sit under. This has a lot of meaning for how someone should live their life. It essentially promotes the idea of selflessness and doing things so that others may benefit, even others that you will never meet. For Tae Yun Kim, she believes wholeheartedly in this message and she has made a career out of helping others be great.

One of the most important ways that Tae Yun Kim acts to help others is through her martial arts academy. This academy is located in California and has been open for many years. In those years, the academy has helped countless children. These children gain more than just physical skills in the martial arts. They gain skills that will propel them into a confident and successful future life.

The academy helps children develop focus. One of the most important skills for a child to develop as soon as possible is the ability to focus and apply themselves to whatever challenge or problem they are facing. This is a skill they will carry with them for their entire lives.

Furthermore, Tae Yun Kim‘s Academy helps children develop discipline and confidence. The children learn how important discipline is in accomplishing a goal. By meeting and surpassing their goals, they also gain valuable confidence which can often be lacking in a child’s life. With increased confidence, children are more willing to challenge themselves and lead a better life.  In a very negative world with bullying in the spotlight, the confidence martial arts teaches can help children be themselves and be proud of who they re.

All of these traits and more are taught by martial arts, specifically TaeKwonDo at Tae Yun Kim’s martial arts academy. She feels good knowing that she helps children grow into better people with successful futures.


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