Environment Important to Pay Attention to for Tae Yun Kim

Many people do not understand that human beings are highly receptive to their environments. People are very attuned to the surrounding environment they find themselves in and this can affect their mood, what they do, and how they feel. Tae Yun Kim understands this aspect of the environment based on her work and on her focus on improving the self.

Many students attending her martial arts academy come with many problems like smoking and drinking too much. Many people never realize that perhaps the environment they continue to find themselves in is the reason they are continuing their unhealthy habits. After lots of training, oftentimes Tae Yun Kim’s students lose their desire to drink, smoke, or do other unhealthy actions.

Why do these desires leave them? They no longer have time to put themselves in the environment where they will want to drink, smoke, or do whatever it is they wanted to stop doing. Their training, concentration, discipline, and where they spend their time all changes thanks to the academy.

But it’s important to realize that it can be very easy for even long-time students to succumb to the old environments that they have broken away from. If they are put in that same situation again, over a short period they can fall victim to the vices their training helped them overcome.

At the same time, this notion of environment can be a very positive one. When a person is surrounded by a positive environment, especially in nature, they can improve their mood and their perspective immensely. Flowers, plants, animals, and other happy people can bring about changes in the brain that improve a person’s mood and disposition.

It’s important to consider the environments people continually put themselves into. If one wants to make a change, one may have to make an environmental one as well as an internal, mental change. Sometimes you do have to leave certain things behind to become a better person.


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