Practice Truly Does Pay Off, says Tae Yun Kim

There have been numerous studies about the impact practice has on a person’s skills and abilities. Practice is by far the most effective way to improve at a skill. A person can read all they want but until they actually do whatever it is they want to become skilled at, and do it over and over again, they won’t be able to improve. Tae Yun Kim has led a life of practice, and it started with TaeKwonDo early in her life in Korea.

One of the most prominent books in the power of practice came out a few years ago. In the book, the author claimed that once you have put in 10,000 hours of practice actually doing a task, you will be an expert. It doesn’t matter if you have a talent for the ability or not. The brain is an amazing organ that can learn how to do just about anything, given enough time and a consistent commitment.

For Tae Yun Kim, practice is what allowed her to become a Great grandmaster of TaeKwonDo. She began TaeKwonDo when she was only seven years old. This gave her well over 10,000 hours of practice and study before she even became a grandmaster. To become a Great grandmaster, one must accomplish a certain number of feats.

There have been very few Great grandmasters in TaeKwonDo. A person could become an expert at TaeKwonDo after spending over 10,000 hours in the martial art, but you will be far from the level of expertise it takes to be considered a Great grandmaster.

There are a wide variety of other skills that you can become very proficient at, if not an expert in, if you can devote 10,000 or more hours to it. For many people, they become an expert in whatever skills their careers demand of them.


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