How Martial Arts Improves the Self with Tae Yun Kim

In life there are many activities that people partake in to improve their health and wellbeing. For a majority of Americans, this means joining a gym or going for a jog every day. For others this means belonging to a sports team to build discipline, teamwork, and good health. There is another avenue that people can pursue to build their confidence, strength, discipline, and much more: the martial arts.

Tae Yun Kim is a martial arts expert, specifically in TaeKwonDo. She holds the rare title of Great Grandmaster which very few people in the world have accomplished. Given that, she has known for decades the capability for TaeKwonDo and other martial arts to transform a person into a better version of them. This is a widely held belief in the martial arts community, and many people who partake in martial arts admit to it improving their lives and who they are as a person.

One of the most obvious ways that martial arts improve the self is physical. No matter what martial art you are studying, you can bet that there is a great deal of physical movement and motions. All of this physical action helps to build your muscles, improve your flexibility, help you understand the power of mind over body, and improve your balance no matter what you may be trying to accomplish.

In a country where physical activity is desperately needed for millions of people, the martial arts are a great way to get involved in a disciplined and regulated form of exercise. But the martial arts are more than just exercise. They also improve your brain and your personality as well.

All martial arts require a great deal of discipline and control. This is one of the many mental benefits one learns from practicing a martial art like Tae Yun Kim does. Through martial arts, a person learns the importance of discipline, focus, and concentration. These traits easily apply to every other aspect of a martial artist’s life, making them more productive, more confident, and more successful.

Furthermore, the martial arts teach you the proper use of skills and power. It helps people understand that with knowledge and power, a person has a great deal of responsibility to use it properly and for defense only. One could write a book on everything that’s related to martial arts (Tae Yun Kim has written many books, in fact!), but these are just a few of the ways that martial arts has been shown to help people improve their lives and their personalities.


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