Tae Yun Kim Talks About How TaeKwonDo Improved Her Life

Some people go through life without ever feeling completely attached to a cause or a mission. This is perfectly fine; many of these people happily go through life enjoying whatever life throws at them. Still, there are others who become very attached to a goal or a cause and they devote their entire life to fulfilling the goal. Many professional athletes and actors often strive to be the best at what they do for a variety of reasons. This guides them with the choices they make in their life. Tae Yun Kim is no different.

Tae Yun Kim grew up during a horrible time in her homeland of Korea. The Korean War was in full effect in her childhood, and this meant that she had a terribly rough time growing up. Women were looked down upon and there was little stability in her life. But at the age of seven, she found her purpose in life: TaeKwonDo.

After discovering TaeKwonDo, Tae Yun Kim knew right away that she would become the first female Great Grandmaster in TaeKwonDo. This took decades of work and an immense deal of determination to accomplish. Eventually, she was successful in her quest to become a grandmaster. She even created her own version of TaeKwonDo called the Jung SuWon discipline and started her own academy.

For her, TaeKwonDo became a purpose in life. It affected her life in so many ways, mostly in the positive. TaeKwonDo allowed her to become a confident, strong, and informed woman in a world where women were still looked down upon as inferior. It taught her to have the confidence to stand up to oppression and mistreatment while always remaining positive and respectful.

TaeKwonDo molded and improved her personality by allowing her to see the world with disciplined eyes. She wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted and take risks to reach those goals. Her self-confidence had been improved and supported by her mastery of TaeKwonDo.

Now, Tae Yun Kim is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, martial artist, and person. Her lifelong commitment to TaeKwonDo helped her become the successful woman she is today. There’s no reason that a similar commitment like TaeKwonDo can’t improve the lives of others, and it does every day. The martial arts are an excellent activity to study for the variety of benefits they provide in individuals. One only has to begin the practice and be committed to see results which will improve one’s life forever.


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