Dr. Tae Yun Kim on Motivational Speaking

Dr. Tae Yun Kim was born in South Korea. She and her family moved to America in 1968, specifically to Burlington, Vermont. Dr. Tae Yun Kim always believed she was going to be successful. In 1982, she founded the successful Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions. She has become a best-selling author and a motivational speaker.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim has been featured as the keynote speaker in many events around the world. She shares a few pointers on what makes a successful motivational speaker.

Believe in your message. Dr. Tae Yun Kim says in order for others to believe in what you are saying, you must first believe it yourself. People want to hear you speak honestly and freely. They quickly can sense when someone is giving false testament. Dr. Tae Yun Kim says you should speak from the heart, and make what you say relatable.

Know your audience. Dr. Tae Yun Kim says it is important to know who you are going to address. You have to tailor your speeches to properly fit those in attendance.

Practice public speaking. Dr. Tae Yun Kim points out many mistakes are made when you do not practice what you are going to say. It is not a bad idea to record yourself to see if you have any flaws. The more practice you have public speaking, the more confidence you will gain.

Learn to adapt. Sometimes when giving a motivational speech you may have to be flexible and change some of your speech. Dr. Tae Yun Kim says this is perfectly normal. Do not panic. Dr. Tae Yun Kim says maintain your composure and learn how to go with the flow.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim says public speaking can be intimidating, but with practice, you have the potential to be a great motivational speaker.


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