Tae Yun Kim Believes in Power of Attitude

Tae Yun Kim is a motivational speaker and an educator. She has helped shape the minds and views of many people both young and old. One of the greatest lessons Tae Yun Kim has given to people is the power of attitude and how people’s thoughts truly do shape reality. It is a lesson that Tae Yun Kim had learned early as a child and young adult.

Tae Yun Kim is the CEO of several companies and understands the power of positive thinking and the value of hard work. She does not say it in the cliché way many successful business professionals do, but from her own experiences overcoming rejection, hunger, discrimination, and abandonment. Even though times were exceptionally hard for Tae Yun Kim, she understood the importance of attitude.

Tae Yun Kim lives with an optimistic view on life. As a martial artist and great grandmaster, she believes it is important to take control of her energy and attitude in order to generate happiness which she can radiate out into her world. By doing so, Tae Yun Kim knows you can create a happy environment for yourself and by doing so, change mental thinking from negative to a lasting positive.

Many times Tae Yun Kim has been noted for saying “you are the center of the universe.” Each person has their own perspective and therefore the world they create for themselves is dependent on their views and attitudes towards that world. If it is negative, they create a world that is negative. If Tae Yun Kim can help change their thinking and energy to positive, they will live in a positive world. As a spiritual person, Tae Yun Kim believes it is important to watch your thoughts carefully and that having faith in God may be the key towards positive thinking.


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