Teaching Others Motivates Tae Yun Kim

Tae Yun Kim holds many titles on a daily basis. She is the ultimate doer and believes it is important to stay motivated and busy yet also to take time to meditate and find peace too. Her philosophy as a martial artist has helped many people find for themselves the motivations or positivity they lacked in their seemingly full lives. Tae Yun Kim helps people find happiness within themselves often by helping them change their attitudes and turn negatives into positives.

Tae Yun Kim loves to help others. It has played a crucial role in most of her life. For over forty years Tae Yun Kim has devoted herself for the benefit of teaching others and helping them live a more positive life. When she founded her own martial arts academy and trained students and instructors, she imparted on her instructors the importance of teaching and showing students how to grow and learn. She believes everyone can improve the things they do every day.

Martial arts takes lots of hard work and without a positive attitude, discouragement can lead to failure and resolving to quit trying altogether. This is what Tae Yun Kim does not want to see. She wants her students to be positive in both their learning and the way the function in the world around them. Often students of Tae Yun Kim’s academy learn more than self-defense, they learn to strike a balance in their life and to discipline themselves. Tae Yun Kim finds it remarkable how many of her students transform themselves and even perform better in school.

Like many partial arts instructors, great grandmaster Tae Yun Kim wants her lessons to be used for good. She teaches her students to only use their abilities for self-defense. Tae Yun Kim wants all her students to work hard, never stop learning, and develop a lasting positive attitude.


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