Silent Master Author Tae Yun Kim

Tae Yun Kim has authored several books and all of them are a source of inspiration for people who are willing to take her readings to heart but also act upon the lessons she teaches. When Tae Yun Kim authored Silent Master, she had already spent years working with students of all ages and helping students find their inner strengths and positive attitudes. To Tae Yun Kim, what exists inside you is what has the power to make or break you.

The very first chapter in Tae Yun Kim’s book Silent Master is about self-discovery and finding what makes you an original. Part of her lesson is about freedom and being free to reach your own destiny and being you are without imitating someone else. Even in her book Tae Yun Kim says it takes hard work to find who you are. Self-discovery has its own obstacles but Tae Yun Kim teaches people to not despair after making a mistake but instead view them as a lesson or as she says “teachers.”

Tae Yun Kim has lived a life of overcoming struggle and helping others learn to overcome theirs. Her book is a reflection on her work and she readily admits that the book was to record her own steps in helping herself reach goals. She says that she has never regarded defeat as acceptable and that it only serves as a way to help you further your goals. As a child growing into adulthood, you often hear people tell you if you fail to try again. Tae Yun Kim says the same thing. However, Tae Yun Kim uses her book as a guide so people can try reaching their goals Tae Yun Kim’s way since her methods and ideologies have worked for her and for her students. Her book is a tool to bring positivity into people’s lives.


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