Tae Yun Kim Appreciated by Students

Tae Yun Kim is a remarkable woman who has a history of success. Surprisingly, Tae Yun Kim was not a woman who reached success based on the head start given to her at birth. Instead, she carved out her own path and overcame obstacles most in the Westernized world could not fathom. Rejected and abandoned as a child, Tae Yun Kim overcame poverty to become a great grandmaster and entrepreneur in the United States.

Many of Tae Yun Kim’s students have created blogs and credit her for her lessons. Tae Yun Kim’s teachings have inspired everything from personal blogs following martial arts to food blogs. Tae Yun Kim has taught many of her students to appreciate the beauty of nature and to take care of their health by choosing foods that are natural and healthy. The food blog reflects this by using natural ingredients to create colorful foods with beautiful presentation.

One of Tae Yun Kim’s students reflected on their website that Tae Yun Kim made them feel loved, valued, and precious. As a child with struggles before becoming her student, they credit her for helping them overcome their personal issues and bring out the best in them. Many students point to Tae Yun Kim’s teachings that thoughts create reality.

Tae Yun Kim teaches all her students that positive thinking creates a positive world while negative thinking creates a negative world. She teaches that people are the center of their own universe and they create their realities with their thoughts. One of her many teachings are to have people watch their thoughts and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. She teaches that thoughts create reality and if you focus on heat, you will feel heat more. Tae Yun Kim teaches her students the power of thoughts, attitudes, and of hard work among other lessons.


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