Tae Yun Kim: Tae Kwon Do Expert

Tae Yun Kim began her Tae Kwon Do training at the age of seven. She received training from her uncle, who taught her despite the long-standing South Korean rules that forbade martial arts training of any kind for women. Tae Yun Kim worked diligently to absorb and practice every technique of Tae Kwon Do, and eventually became the first women to ever accomplish the rank of Grand Master and later Great Grandmaster.

Tae Yun Kim appreciates every aspect of Tae Kwon Do, particularly the role it plays in physical fitness. Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are extremely important to Tae Yun Kim, who relies on her training for exercise and good health.

Tae Kwon Do also offers people the chance to establish a sense of confidence and self-esteem. Tae Yun Kim began the Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy in 1989 so that she could share the best of what the world of martial arts has to offer. She effectively combines Tae Kwon Do with Tang Soo Do to create disciplined martial art that helps people stay healthy and build a foundation of focus and personal growth.

The Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy is in Fremont, California. Tae Yun Kim has designed and opened a place where martial arts can help a person achieve confidence while staying fit. Tae Yun Kim provides her students with high-quality training that allows them to establish strength, discipline and focus in their lives. Her ability to teach her students comes from many years of expert training and experience.


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