Tae Yun Kim Stands Up For Women

Tae Yun Kim is an inspiration to all types of people, however she stands out as a strong and successful woman who has time and time again displayed her ability to overcome incredible odds in the many faces of adversity. Whether it has to do with sexual discrimination or histories of activities that have simply been devoid of female participation, Tae Yun Kim encourages talented women to step up and make strides in all unchartered territories, just like she has in many instances in her life.

Having grown up in South Korea, she was often exposed to the martial art of tae kwon do. Most men in her country train heavily in tae kwon do as one of the requirements of their mandatory military service, however the 5,000 year-old martial art has a history of excluding women from the ability to train. Tae Yun Kim not only broke this tradition, but also became the first woman ever to achieve Great Grandmaster status. Few students of tae kwon do reach this level of achievement, including many men.

While the ability to participate in a marital art was exclusive only to men, there was another historic type of warrior in the Western Hemisphere that was also devoid of women in their ranks. Tae Yun Kim also joined this group, as the first women to ever be knighted by the Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen. Induction into knighthood was not only a huge accomplishment of her life, but served as further testament that women are just as capable as men.


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