Tae Yun Kim’s Business History

Tae Yun Kim is a powerful figure in the world of business. Her success with founding and operating two completely different companies shows that her abilities are not only diversified, but they are sharpened enough to be welcomed in her chosen fields while also being perceived as a worthy competitor to others in her field. With a strong sense of identity and ability to use her many talents to her benefit, she has inspired those under her to help in the development and growth of her following endeavors.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the number one developer and provider of airborne particle counters and contamination monitoring systems. Tae Yun Kim founded this company back in 1982, and has experienced nothing but growth and success since. Much of LWS’ accomplishments can be credited to superior products as well as a business model that not only focuses on the satisfaction of clients, but also of their employees; or, as they are called, “Family Team Members.”

Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy

Tae Yun Kim was the first woman to ever achieve Great Grandmaster level status in martial arts; and her extensive experience in both tae kwon do and tang soo do is shared with all students who enroll at Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy in Fremont, CA. Her students are often impressed with not only her amazing personal abilities in these martial arts, but her ability to produce positive results in each one of them. With the enthusiasm she displays, her students are often inspired to work hard and display similar levels of devotion.


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