Tae Yun Kim Works With Many Industries

As Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Tae Yun Kim has displayed an ability to reach across multiple industries and find opportunities for business with each. While she has employed the family team members at LWS with the task of producing and supplying the highest quality of counter-contamination materials on the market, she has successfully carried out the mission of finding exactly what markets their products can be extended to.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions specializes in a number of products, including but not limited to: airborne particle counters, liquid particle counters, nanocount liquid particle counters, gas samplers, manifolds particle counters and other environmental sensors. Each one of these products plays a crucial role in the protection of any business that deals with the handling of dangerous contaminants, as well as the communities that surround those facilities and those industries that demand an ultra clean environment for manufacturing.

There are a number of industries that benefit from the use of LWS products and refuse to entertain offers from anyone else. LWS is the standard of quality for the following industries: pharmaceutical & life science, indoor air quality, data storage, environmental monitoring, medical centers, semiconductor & flat panel, cleanroom monitoring & testing, aerospace & defense, and automotive & paint spray.

Such a wide net of industries has extended LWS’ ability to increase their amount of potential customers exponentially. Under the ambitious and resourceful leadership of Tae Yun Kim, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has proven itself to be a critical player in counter-contamination measures for industries that only inherit more necessity for such items with their rising productivity rates.


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