Tae Yun Kim Promises a Quality Product

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the top developer and provider of anti-contaminant monitors and products that support the sensitive operations of a wide range of industries. And under the leadership of their Founder and CEO, Tae Yun Kim, LWS has time and time again proven itself to be the best in its business. And that success starts in the foundation of creating the highest quality products.

LWS’ line of particle counters gives users the convenience of portability with handheld devices that utilize LCD touch screens with zoom capabilities. They also have many other useful features such as removable and rechargeable batteries, detailed reporting functions, alphanumeric location labels, historical data review and more. LWS also develops, installs and maintains some of the largest and most complex contamination monitoring systems in the world, making them experts in comprehensive projects that ensure safety in the workplace and beyond. All products are made in the USA and comply with all industry regulations.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions specializes in a number of products, including but not limited to: airborne particle counters, liquid particle counters, nanocount liquid particle counters, gas samplers, manifolds particle counters and other environmental sensors. With their high-tech features and durability, LWS has become the standard of quality for the following industries: pharmaceutical & life science, indoor air quality, data storage, environmental monitoring, medical centers, semiconductor & flat panel, cleanroom monitoring & testing, aerospace & defense, and automotive & paint spray. With each need in these industries, a quality LWS product is paired to fulfill all needs.


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