Tae Yun Kim and LWS Break New Ground

Headed by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Tae Yun Kim, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions created the first-ever 25 nanometer liquid particle counter. First released in 2011, the NanoCount25+ has enabled users to set particle detection to four different channel sizes: 25 nm, 50 nm, 75 nm, and 100 nm.

As the worldwide leader in contamination monitoring and particle counting solutions, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is proud to say that their technology has repeatedly raised the bar amongst their competitors. And it shows with their ability to create products that exceed the expectations all the time. When released, the NanoCount25+ offered the lowest particle detection limit of its time, allowing workers in the most sensitive operations to feel confident and safe as they perform their duties.

The NanoCount 25+ has a concentration limit of 200,000 particles per milliliter, making it perfect for monitoring the concentration of particles in high purity environments. It can be used for many purposes including but not limited to: process qualification, water monitoring, filtration efficiency and more in semiconductor and similar manufacturing environments.

Not only are the NanoCount 25+’s abilities impressive enough, but the consistency and simple operation of the product reflects the durability and user-friendliness that LWS products have become known for. It integrates easily with other monitoring systems and is also fast and simple to use as a stand-alone device. It has analog outputs, Ethernet, and RS-485 MODBUS communication protocol. It’s built-in color display gives users easy-to-read data that is delivers in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

To this day, The NanoCount 25+ is one of LWS’ proudest creations, and is a reflection of Tae Yun Kim’s vision and her incredibly talented team.


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