Tae Yun Kim’s 2014 LWS Events

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the world’s biggest developer and distributor of particle counters, contamination monitors and other products that help to track flow of contaminants and maintain control of their environments. And with a Founder and CEO as interesting and lively as Tae Yun Kim, LWS knows how to make memorable appearances at all events and expos, which is all the more reason for people promoting these events to invite her and her team every time.

In 2014, Tae Yun Kim and Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions made appearances at the following events:

Semicon Korea

In February, the SEMICON conference was held at COEX in Seoul, South Korea. This conference is one of the biggest in all of the semiconductor industry. It includes companies from over 17 countries in participation to display the new products and technologies in semiconductor, LEDs, MEMS, solar and other electronic fields.

MD&M West 2014

The MedTechWorld MD&M West convention took place this year in Anaheim, CA. This expo is based on products and services that boost efficiency in the workplace through a number of mediums. Cleanroom and sterilization are among those things, as well as testing and inspection technologies.

ASHRAE Winter Conference 2014

The ASHRAE Winter Conference was held this year in New York City, which was an appropriate choice for an expo that focuses on the design, creation and maintenance of tall buildings and skyscrapers. These structures often contain the necessity for anti-contamination solutions, making LSW a key participant at this conference.


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