Tae Yun Kim Creates Efficient Work Environment at LWS

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has been in operation since 1982, and is the world’s leading developer and supplier of contamination monitoring systems. Such success could have not been celebrated without the vision and expertise of the company’s charismatic leader, Tae Yun Kim. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer, she has created a productive work environment through treating her employees as family and forming a team of the most talented professionals in the industry who display their passion through their groundbreaking inventions.

At Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, employees are referred to as “family team members” because Tae Yun Kim believes one of the main secrets behind running a successful business is through creating and maintaining a sense of togetherness at the workplace. Communication and camaraderie are encouraged on the job, as it stimulates the mind of the employee and gets he or she talking about the very things that employees at other companies might fail to mention while being confined to their personal spaces. Constant dialogue encourages not only the creation of new thoughts and ideas, but gives them an outlet to be communicated and perhaps serve to better the company.

Furthermore, all of Tae Yun Kim’s family team members feel taken care of while hard at work. LWS employees enjoy great pay and benefits that make them feel valued and appreciated. This allows them to perform better in their jobs without being distracted by worries regarding issues outside of the workplace. LWS pampers their employees in and out of the working environment, allowing them the room to be creative and overall better at their jobs.


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