Tae Yun Kim – Martial Arts Training

Tae Yun Kim is always up for some martial arts training. She is a high level, accomplished martial artistwho teaches students how to tap their inner Ki energy and unleash the power that everyone possesses. She was the first woman ever to achieve Great Grandmaster status in Tae Kwon Do. She started her martial arts journey as a young girl, growing up in South Korea. There she was taught at the young age of seven years, the ancient skill and mastery of Tae Kwon Do by her uncle, a master of the art himself. The practice of this ancient martial arts was banned for women for over 5,000 years, but that wasn’t enough to hold Kim back. Not only did she learn this once forbidden art, she became the first female to achieve the Grandmaster status.   Tae Yun Kim has been exposed to tae kwon do her whole life. Her uncle had taught it to her when she was young, only after years of her begging him. Women were kept from training inthe Martial Arts for almost 5,000 years, and she was the very first to earn Great Grandmaster status in the art form.

Tae Yun Kim

Tae Yun Kim

Tae Yun Kim Do in its current form has roots in ancient practices but it has evolved over the years, incorporating several different styles of martial arts that existed in Korea over thousands of years and some martial arts styles from other countries that surround the country. At its heart, Tae Kwon Do is described by many as one of the most efficient martial arts. It features abrupt linear power movements and numerous flowing, circular patterns and combines them with powerful kicking techniques.

Today, Kim is a renowned teacher of this art, but she also a successful CEO, author, speaker and businesswoman. There is little surprise that which such and achievement that requires discipline and strength that she has succeeded on this level.


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